140 Years of Service: The History of Willis-Knighton Health System

The roots of Willis-Knighton Health System can be traced back to the late 19th century, when the foundation was laid for the development of Bossier City, Louisiana. In 1924, Dr. Pirkle opened the Tri-State Sanatorium to meet the needs of the burgeoning West Shreveport neighborhoods. Four years later, it was sold to Dr.

Willis and Dr. Knighton, who renamed it in their honor and began the journey of Willis-Knighton as a non-profit health organization. Since then, Willis-Knighton has become a leader in health care at local, regional and national levels. The hospital has grown to include four hospitals, a retirement community and a wide range of support services. This remarkable growth is largely due to the vision and leadership of James K.

Elrod, who served as president and CEO of the health system for 56 years. Today, Willis-Knighton continues to serve the needs of Northwest Louisiana and Ark-La-Tex with an eye to the future. To learn more about Willis-Knighton Health System and its 140 years of service, watch this video.

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